Neighborhood Navigators


At the core of our mission, Our Navigators are volunteers who:

  • Link neighbors to needed resources.
  • Deliver community outreach and advocacy that is safe and appropriate for people of various ages, circumstances, and abilities. 
  • Act as a mentor and role model while engaged in the program both as an example to clients and also to the community at large.

What does this look like in our community?

  • Offering newborn families support, parenting tips, and connections to local early childhood resources.
  •  Aiding a young adult neighbor who needs a ride to a job interview.
  • Assisting a woman with disabilities who needs an advocate during an Individualized Education Program meeting at her daughter's school. 

Neighborhood Navigators know generational poverty and understand best how to reach people who are trapped in it, and what types of work empower, engage, and break the cycle.