Parents Are Leaders (PALs)


What is IT and how does it work?

PALs creates connections for parents through newborn home visits and infant play/parent support groups.

Coordinated by Navigator, Linda Shepard, PALs is based on a proven model and current research (click here to read) for improving early childhood development and preventing child abuse and neglect. 

What does this look like in our community?

  • Newborn home visits that include information for new parents to understand healthy interactions with and how to nourish their child.
  • Play/support groups that offer information, resource sharing, and positive social outlets.

Additional positive outcomes

An unexpected positive outcome of our PALs program was the ability to reach toddler siblings during the home visits and play groups.  After establishing relationships with parents through infant home visits, Ms. Shepard has been able to affect the development of older siblings by offering resources to parents for older children who may be experiencing developmental delays.